Marriage Preparation Course In Malayalam

Registration Timings : Please contact Fr. Alex (Office Room No. 7) Every Friday at 3:30 pm (After the Malayalam Mass at 2:00 pm) and other days during office time. Every Tuesdays office will be closed

Marriage and the Family are the foundation of society and that happy, stable marriages and families make a strong society. Today the attacks on the sanctity and stability of marriage and the family are a matter of serious concern. It is, therefore very important that our Catholic couples be well prepared to receive the Sacrament of Marriage.

The Catholic Church insists on attending Marriage Preparation Course by the couple before their intended date of entering into the Sacrament of Matrimony. The Marriage Preparation Course is not just a requirement of the Church to get married. It is also meant to help an adult, have a realistic look at how he/she can make the Sacramental Marriage work and grow, in and through the relationship as husband and wife, every day.

Participation in the Marriage Preparation Course is a pre-requisite to receive the sacrament of Matrimony in the Catholic Church. The Course may be completed at preferably two months before the sacramental marriage.

Certificates will be issued only on completion of the full course. To ensure correctness of the names on the certificates, please cross check your name on the registration list when submitting the baptism certificate at the parish office.

വിവാഹത്തിന് NOC വാങ്ങുവാന്‍ വരുന്നവരുടെ ശ്രദ്ധക്ക്
  • നാട്ടിലെ ഇടവകയില്‍ നിന്നുമുള്ള ആറുമാസത്തിലധികം പഴക്കമില്ലാത്ത മാമോദീസ സര്‍ട്ടിഫിക്കറ്റ് കോപ്പി കൊണ്ട് വരേണ്ടതാണ് .
  • മലയാളി കമ്മ്യൂണിറ്റി (MCC) മെമ്പര്‍ഷിപ് എടുത്തിരിക്കണം. കൂടാതെ പാരിഷ് വെബ്സൈറ്റിലൂടെ ( പാരിഷ് മെമ്പര്‍ഷിപ് എടുത്ത് ആ ഐഡി നമ്പറും കൊണ്ടുവരേണ്ടതാണ് .
  • നാട്ടില്‍ പോകുന്നതിനു മുന്‍പ് പള്ളി ഓഫീസില്‍ നിന്നും Free State certificate/ NOC വാങ്ങേണ്ടതാണ്.
General Guidelines for the Marriage Preparation Course in Malayalam.

  • Participation in the Marriage Preparation Course is a pre-requisite to receive the sacrament of Matrimony in the Catholic Church. The Course may be completed at preferably two months before the sacramental marriage.
  • Only registered participants will be allowed in the hall.
  • Participants must compulsorily attend four days. Those who arrive late or miss out sessions, for any reason, will be required to REGISTER for the next course.
  • The Marriage Preparation Course in Malayalam will be held on the 2 nd week of every Month starting from Wednesday to Saturday in 4 days.
  • The participants must personally come and register their names in advance with the registration fee which is not refundable. There are only 60 seats for each batch which is on first come first serve basis.
  • Registration opens only for the present month. Next month’s registration starts only after the completion of the course of the present month.
  • Time for Registration (Office No.7): On Friday, Only at 3.30 P.M, after the Malayalam Mass. On other week days, Registration can be done during the office hours. On every Tuesday, Office will be closed.
  • Participants must attend all the classes in full in all the 4 days. Course certificate will be given only to those participants who attend in all the classes in 4 days without being late. Course certificate will not be given those who comes late or absent for any session for any reason.
  • Attendance of the participants will be marked 10 minutes before each session. Those who come late will be considered as absent and will have to attend it again in the next month.
  • Those participants who belong to Dubai Parish should get the Parish I.D. number through on-line registration( and also should register in the Malayalam Catholic Community (M.C.C.) by submitting the M.C.C. Application Form at Office No.7.
  • A copy of the Baptismal Certificate which is not older than 6 months from the date of issue should be presented for getting the Free Sate Certificate for Marriage (N.O.C) which is a must.

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