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Kerala, the southern state of India is popularly known as ‘God’s Own country’ for its luxuries greeneries, diversity of culture, food habits, religious tolerance etc. Historically, the undivided relationship between UAE and Kerala has started many decades even before the formation of UAE.

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Message From Spiritual Director | Fr. Varghese Kozhippadan OFM Cap

fr_varghese_new fr_alex_newWelcome to Malayalam Catholic Congregation, St. Mary's Church, Dubai.

The Lord Jesus commanded his disciples: “Go throughout the whole world and preach the gospel to all people.” (Mk.: 16: 15) This universal character is one of the most important dimensions of the Holy Catholic Church – the mystical body of Christ. One can literally observe and experience this universality at St. Mary’s Church, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is blessed with faithful from so many Nationalities, Cultures, Rites and Languages. This parish constitutes one of the largest Catholic communities in the world. There is harmony, unity and coordination among the faithful from different parts of the world. St. Mary’s Church has celebrated the golden jubilee year during 2016-’17 and was marked by a lot of liturgical, cultural and social activities. The single hand-written copy of the Bible in one sitting during three hours time under one roof by 1000 people in 51 languages manifests the unity in diversity of the parish. The original copy of this hand-written Bible was presented to Pope Francis, our Holy Father as our jubilee gift; it is now kept in the Vatican Library and a photo copy of the same is kept in our parish Church.


Confessions in Malayalam during this week 23-29 January 2023

23January 2023 (Monday)

6.00am to 6.30am (Morning) and 7pm to 7.45pm (Evening)

25 January 2023 (Wednesday)

7pm to 7.45pm (Evening)

26 January 2023 (Thursday)

6.45am to 7.15am (Morning) and 7pm to 7.45 pm (Evening)

27 January 2023 (Friday) to 12.30pm (Midday) and 7pm to 7.45pm (Evening)

St. Sebastian Feast 2023

Nurses Gathering